Monthly Meetings

Taylors TownSquare conducts meetings that provide an open forum where the Taylors Community can gather to form relationships, be inspired, and find common goals.

Community cannot exist without us regularly gathering together. Taylors TownSquare meetings began in October of 2012 out of the noted desire in community members to have a place and time to get together. Today’s culture places a high value on digital presence, connectivity, and always being available online.  We have tried to build our community around the opposite: physically getting together comes first. While we do share many things online, we hope you will find value in the gatherings we host.

Most meetings are held at the Taylors Ministry Center (Old Taylors Post Office) which is part of the Taylors First Baptist Church property.

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Community Development

Working with community leaders, we championed the creation of the Taylors Community Plan and are working to see it implemented through signs, Main Street Improvements, and other advocacy efforts.

Community Planning

We work with Greenville County to develop sustainable plans for our area. We championed the 2016 Taylors Community Planning effort and are currently working on a Main Street Develompent District.

Community Brand

Taylors TownSquare champions the Taylors Community Brand that is independent of any specific group or organization that can be used to represent the entire area. Developed over a 3-day intensive branding exercise in August 2015 by Arnett, Muldrow, and Associates and refined over the fall, this branding document represents a major step forward in a collective identity of Taylors.

Find the full style guide from Arnett Muldrow below.

Economic Development

Part of Taylors TownSquare's mission has always been to make the Taylors area more attractive to the right kinds of development. Whether our advocacy on behalf of the Taylors Mill at certain points, our participation in the Taylors Community Plan, or our work with property owners to develop ideas for development that make the community a better place, we want to ensure that Taylors is an attractive place to do life and business. If we can help with a plan to make Taylors better, please contact us!

Parks & Recreation

The Enoree River Trail Corridor Initiative is our umbrella that includes Chick Springs Park, The Park at Taylors Mill, and the Chick Springs Trail.

The Enoree River Trail is a proposed biking/walking trail with a mid-term northern end at the future Chick Springs Park site and eventually connections to the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  The trail would follow the Enoree River south, connecting to Cory Burns Park (County Rec)East Riverside Park (County Rec), and eventually the Pelham Mill Park (County Rec).

Chick Springs Park

Chick Springs Park is a proposed park on a portion of the historic Chick Springs Hotel site. Greenville County is currently in discussions with the owner of the property to acquire it for future park development.

Greer Station Connection

The City of Greer envisions a future connection from Greer Station to Chick Springs Park, providing a link from downtown Greer to the Chick Springs Trail, roughly following the path of Chick Springs Road.

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Markets & Events

The Taylors Markets + Events is our umbrella brand for the markets and events Taylors TownSquare champions. These events work to facilitate community and commerce by creating opportunities to purchase quality, local produce and goods that lead to ongoing relationships. Find out more at this Initiative's website.