About Us

We are a group of people that are passionate about Taylors, South Carolina.

Because of that, Taylors TownSquare was formed to help form relationships here in the place we love. Since our founding, we have expanded that vision to include what naturally happens when you love a place and the people in it: You want to make it better.


Purpose | Why we exist

To enhance the quality of life in the Taylors Community

Mission | What we accomplish

Taylors TownSquare improves the Taylors, South Carolina Community by facilitating connections and enabling responses to those connections.

Taylors TownSquare does many things, and every single one of them can be boiled down to one of these two concepts.

Facilitating Connections

We believe community is a true enough virtue to aspire to without any other motive.  To be together with others is a basic drive we all share.  Community makes us happier, healthier, and enables us to be more efficient with the use of our resources. We believe community requires presence, and that presence requires space, preferably physical, to come together.  The first part of Taylors TownSquare’s mission is to facilitate connections through providing that space and drawing attention to other resources with the same goal.

Enabling Responses

When people come together, they naturally come up with ideas of things to do. Some of these things can be accomplished without outside assistance, but some things require larger groups to help.  That’s where the second part of our mission, to enable responses, comes in. We find and vet opportunities that arise from the Taylors Community and figure out how to make them happen.



Better Together

We pursue opportunities that lead to individuals connecting with one another. This creates a stronger community.

Let Your Hair Down

We create spaces for interaction that allow people to express themselves freely. This creates an inclusive community.

Pioneering Spirit

We strive to move forward because we believe there is more over the horizon. This creates a visionary community.

No Fine Print

We provide the clearest information about why we do what we do. This creates a trusting community.


Key Information

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Board of Directors


Alex Reynolds


Alex has been involved with Taylors TownSquare from it’s inception in 2014.  He works as a Media Producer at Taylors First Baptist Church and as the Communications Director for the Taylors Mill.


Chip Bentley

Vice President

Chip has served on the Board of Directors since its inception in November 2014.  He is currently the Planning and Economic Development Services Director for the Appalachian Council of Governments.


Michele White


Michele has served on the Board of Directors since November 2016. Michele works for BJU Press and heads up the Taylors Farmers Market Team.


Sue Manwaring


Sue has served on the Board of Directors since its inception in November 2014. Sue owns Signature Management Group, Inc. of Taylors with her husband.


Tee Coker


Tee has served on the Board of Directors since November 2016. Tee works for Alta Planning+Design.


Mark Owens


Mark has served on the Board of Directors since its inception in November 2014. Mark serves as the President of the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce.


Doug Young


Doug has served on the Board of Directors since its inception in November 2014. Doug has been involved in Taylors TownSquare meetings since their inception and has served as President of the Taylors Art Group.